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Simplify and digitise your entire board operations with Praxonomy. Praxonomy is a board portal packed with essential features that enable more efficient board administration and provides a secure platform to access information and collaborate in real-time.

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Simplified meeting administration

Praxonomy provides a single place to manage meetings across your board, committees, and teams, from agenda building, minutes taking to archiving as official records.

Organise board information by meetings

Every meeting has its own dedicated file repository, meeting agenda, board pack, and minutes. Meetings give users one-stop access to all the content related to a meeting or topic in the past, present, or future.

  • Set up your meeting, just like a calendar invitation. Add details such as date/time, location, and add portal users, or even external people, as meeting attendees.

  • Notify your attendees to formally invite them to the meeting. Publish the meeting and send a meeting invitation via the portal and in email.

  • Track meetings in calendar apps. Meeting details can be exported as an .ics file. Even easier, meeting invitations and update emails come with the .ics attached.

  • Works with any video or audio conferencing solution. Insert the meeting link,and attendees can launch the session directly from the Praxonomy meeting page.

Create interactive meeting agendas

With the built-in Agenda Builder, you can effortlessly create detail-rich, digital meeting agendas, and instantly share it with your attendees.

  • Add meeting topics as agenda items. Define the duration, presenter, or add a description to help attendees anticipate the discussion points.

  • Easily reorder agenda items by drag and drop. Changes are saved automatically.

  • Create agenda sub-items with up to 2 levels of indenting under an agenda item. Or add sections to divide the agenda into segments.

  • Download the agenda as PDF. Allow your attendees to download the agenda as a PDF document for offline use or distribution.

Streamline meeting minutes taking

Praxonomy's meeting minutes module lets you capture notes, assign action items as tasks, and distribute and archive the final minutes with a few clicks.

  • Record meeting attendance by marking individual attendees present, or absent, in the Attendance Tracker.

  • Write minutes using Notetaker. You can type notes by agenda items or by using the free-form composer.

  • Submit draft minutes for review. Collect feedback and comments from relevant persons before publishing the minutes to the wider audience.

  • Export the full minutes as PDF. Once your minutes are finalised, you can export them into a professionally formatted PDF document.

Meeting notifications

Alert your attendees when materials become available or are updated. Notifications are received within the portal and via email.

Archive meetings

After the minutes are approved, archive your meeting into an immutable digital record.

Attendance reporting

Generate reports on directors' attendance at meetings across Space within a specific time period.

Create digital board packs in minutes

The Board Pack Builder is the easiest and fastest way to compile meeting packs and distribute them to your attendees in real-time. Board Packs are always up-to-date and edits can be made on the fly.

Upload files

Upload meeting documents to the file repository of the meeting, up to 10 files at a time. Whether it's a PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet, Praxonomy supports just about any document file type.

Link files to agenda items

Meeting files are arranged by their related agenda items in the board pack. You can link multiple files under an agenda item and configure the order the files are presented in the pack.

Publish the board pack

When files are linked to agenda items, the board pack is automatically compiled in the background. Publishing the board pack opens up its visibility to your meeting attendees.

Document version control

Version control helps ensure you are presenting the most up-to-date files in the board pack. Replace an existing file with a new version, and it will take effect immediately for all users. You always have access to the full version history.

Granular file permissions

Have flexible controls on who has access and which permission level over every item in the board pack. Files Permissions helps you manage conflict of interests.

Download options

You can enable download options for individual files in the pack or a fully assembled pack, with separator pages, automatic page numbers, a cover page and the agenda in a single PDF file.

Board Pack Reader

A better way to review meeting packs

The Board Pack Reader is the one place for board members to review all documents, whether reports, spreadsheets, or presentations associated with a meeting. Jump between different sections, markup or annotate directly on pages, or engage in a content-specific discussion with other participants, on any device, securely. Preparing for meetings has never been easier or more effective.

Best-in-class document reader

Enjoy a smooth viewing experience with fast document rendering. Supports both single and double-page layouts and page rotation. Intuitive document navigation via scrolling, pagination, pan, zoom, or search for text.

Simple navigation

Files that make up the board pack are listed on the left navigation pane by the related agenda items. You can jump between reports with just a tap or a click. Or start your review from the interactive meeting agenda.

Available anywhere, anytime

Praxonomy is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) on Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. Start your review on one device and pick up where you left off on another.


Intuitive document annotations and markups

The Board Pack Reader comes with built-in annotation tools that let you markup, comment, and make notes directly on the document pages while reviewing the board pack – just like you can with paper, only more powerful. Annotations are always private to the user. Want to leave a note for other participants? Leave a Shared Note.

Extensive annotation tools

Pick a tool and start annotating. Add drawings, shapes, sticky notes, or highlight, strikethrough or underline texts, in different colours. When you just want to read the document, hide all annotation markings with a click.

Always stay synced

As you make an annotation, the changes save automatically and securely on the cloud. Your annotations are with you every time you open the board pack and are always up-to-date.

Organised and searchable

All the annotations made are summarised in the sidebar. Clicking on an annotation takes you to the position where it is made in the document. Have a long list of annotations? You can simply search for one by text.


Your personalised homepage

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your priorities, with one-click access to available meeting materials, pending digital signature requests and the Spaces you belong to.

Multi-board Single Sign-on

Multiple boards, one login

Serving on multiple boards? Get single sign-on access to, and easily switch between, multiple boards from one Praxonomy portal or even different Praxonomy portals.

Archived Meetings

Easy access to board records

Retrieve the content of an archived meeting at any time from its related Space or your personal meeting directory. Have access to full board records at your fingertips.

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Digital signatures built for board documents 

Praxonomy's certificate-based Digital Signature workflow simplifies and streamlines the signing process of board resolutions or other board-related documents. Get notified for signature requests and sign with just a few clicks.

Enterprise Security

Documents processed in the Digital Signature workflow are safeguarded by the same high level of security protection offered by Praxonomy. This mitigates security risks.

Stay connected, even outside the boardroom

Board work and communications should not be confined to physical boardrooms or meetings. With Praxonomy, board members can collaborate seamlessly no matter where they are.

Shared Notes

Leave a comment or start a discussion with other meeting participants specific to a piece of content in a document. Shared notes are viewable to other meeting attendees that have Read permission for the document.

Space Discussions

Space Discussions is a general discussion board in a Space. Discussions are a great way to post important information, ask questions, share insights, or engage other Space members in a conversation.

Private Messages

A secure way for board members to send one-to-one messages and for board administrators to send one-to-many announcements. Message recipients will be notified of new messages in the app and email.

Task Discussions

Tasks Discussions allow task collaborators to leave comments on a task to ask questions, provide extra information, or offer insights. Every task has its dedicated discussions board.

Scalable data management and access controls

Praxonomy provides a flexible model that allows you to group information in accordance with your organisational or governance structure and access policies.

Multiple Organisations

Access and manage multiple boards, with their own set of users, administrators, and content security, segregated on a single portal.


Spaces enable grouping of users, communications, and meetings within your organisation. Create Spaces for board committees, special projects, or teams.

Flexible Space Roles

Space Role defines a user's permissions and access rights within a given Space. A user can have different Space Roles in different Spaces according to your internal policies.

Meeting Task Management 

Tasks help you manage, track, and prioritise action items throughout the lifecycle of a meeting. Assign tasks to one or multiple members in your team. Users have a view of all tasks assigned to them, tasks they assigned to others, or tasks by meetings. Praxonomy gives you a central view of individual responsibilities and statuses of important objectives to drive things forward.

Member Profiles and Directory

The Member Directory helps you get acquainted with your fellow board members. Get quick access to fellow board members' profiles,view their contact information (with one-click to call or email), space membership information, and relevant skills and qualifications. Administrators can edit member profiles on behalf of users.

Works on all devices

Praxonomy is optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) web browsers across Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. Praxonomy fits the way you work.

Making the Transition is Easy

Modern board management software, meticulously designed for users for all technical levels. Setting up is effortless, and your board members can start using it with minimal to no training. And if you are stuck, there are plenty of ways to get help.

Simple and easy to use

We focus our energy on developing essential, intuitive features that boards will actually use.

In-app help guides

Help guides are all embedded throughout the application so you can learn about the features at your own pace.

Unlimited training

As part of your subscription, we provide unlimited, virtual, one-to-one training sessions for your administrators at no extra cost.

First-class support

When you need help, our team of product experts are only a call or an email away – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Security you can rely on

Praxonomy provides your organisation a centralised platform, built on advanced security technologies, to protect sensitive board communication and documents.

  • Praxonomy is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organisation
  • Regularly external penetration testing performed
  • Proprietary multi-level document encryption, full data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Highly robust and secure hosting infrastructure in the EU
  • Verasafe privacy certified, GDPR compliant
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