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Boardlogic is a highly-secure collaboration platform purpose-built for your board of directors to organise meetings, manage and share sensitive documents, communicate and make decisions — all at a sensible price.

Introducing Boardlogic

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A Practical Board Portal Solution

Designed without the overly-complicated, pricey features that your board doesn't need, Boardlogic has all the essential functionalities required to run efficient board meetings, with the highest standards of data security.


Directors, CEOs and

Prepare for board meetings with ease and confidence. Collaborate securely, and access the latest information in real-time from any device. Make the board's decision-making process more effective.

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Company Secretaries and
Board Administrators

Spend less time on routine administrative tasks of board meetings. Use the full suite of online tools for organising meetings, and manage all board and committee documents and communications.

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Focused, straightforward yet powerful features. Get things done more efficiently and effectively without a learning curve.


One per-user subscription fee that covers everything. No add-on modules, implementation or training fees. Start from as few as 5 users and scale as needed.


Enterprise data security and privacy built-in from day one. Boardlogic is ISO27001 certified, GDPR compliant with client data exclusively hosted in the E.U.

Boardlogic is once again recognised as a "High Performer" in G2's Board Management Software Winter 2023 Report

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Drive Your Board to Action

Boardlogic centralises board communications and mitigates cyber risks without confusing and distracting functionalities so your
board can focus on what really matters.


Meeting Management

Streamline all your board meeting administration tasks

Replace manual processes and the need to work across multiple apps. You can schedule meetings, track tasks, create agendas, compile your digital board packs and take minutes all within Boardlogic.

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Protect sensitive information from unauthorised access and data breaches

Sharing board information through channels such as email attachments exposes you to security risks. By placing sensitive information on a highly-secure and encrypted platform that's independent from the rest of the organisation, you mitigate risks of data breaches and cyber attacks.

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Single Source of Truth

Secure single source and version of truth for the board

When everyone works with updated and accurate information, a greater amount of trust is placed on the data. As the central hub for board information, Boardlogic makes decision-making more insightful and efficient.

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Collaborate, govern, meet and work anywhere

Directors can review materials, look up board records, collaborate with others as well as sign documents from anywhere. Board duties and decision-making are no longer restricted to board meetings and inside boardrooms.

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With Boardlogic, you minimise:

  • The risks of data breaches and security lapses
  • Amount of time and administrative effort spent on board meeting preparation
  • Outdated information being circulated
  • Disengaged board members
  • Non-compliance and regulatory fines

With Boardlogic, you maximise:

  • Data and role-based security
  • Time management and better meeting organisation
  • Board insights and strategic oversight
  • Collaboration amongst directors
  • Best practices for digital corporate governance

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