Why Boardlogic

Designed with a smart, intuitive interface for users of all technical levels, Boardlogic provides a centralised, secure platform for secretaries and directors. It helps streamlined board workflows and foster engagement among board members while enhancing digital corporate governance for the organisation.

Boardlogic board portal software displayed on multiple types of web enabled devices

Boardlogic transforms the way boards of directors work together -- for the better

Paperless meetings

No more printed, bulky, board papers, or last-minute email of the latest version of a document. Boardlogic digitises the meeting process, enabling more efficient meeting preparation, faster document distribution among board members, increased collaboration, and much more. Calculate savings now

Robust features, easy to use

Boardlogic's powerful features are designed to be easy to use and require minimal training. The modern, intuitive user interface design helps reduce the learning curve and streamline the adoption process.

Accelerate productivity

With task management and collaboration tools embedded throughout the application, Boardlogic helps your board stay organised and encourages collaboration with accelerated decision making.

Quick to implement, easy to manage

Boardlogic is cloud-based. From activation to scheduling your first meeting via the platform only takes minutes. New features are made available automatically. We take care of everything in the backend for you.

Secure by design

Boardlogic is built and delivered with a rigorous security framework. Our organisation and our data centres are ISO27001 certified, the most stringent ISMS standard of its kind. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Learn more

Technology that fits your business

Boardlogic's flexible design fits your board processes and governance structure. Developed on top of a scalable architecture, Boardlogic works for boards of all sizes, even multiple organisations on a single platform.

The only thing that counts
is your success

Client success is at the heart of everything that we do. We recognise technology only adds value when it is implemented and adopted in the right way for your business and end users. Our Client Success and Support teams are there to ensure you gain maximum value out of your investment in Boardlogic. We want you to achieve long term success with us.

First-class support

We recognise help is most effective when it is provided through the right channel, in the right format, at the right time. We have a library of self-service support resources such as user guides, how-to videos, knowledge base, checklists available to you. In addition, a team of product experts are only a call or email away.

Tailored onboarding

Onboarding is critical. Our implementation specialists provide you with the expertise to ensure our SaaS board portal is optimised to meet the needs of your organisation. As part of onboarding services, we provide flexible, role-based training to fit the schedule of your users. Moreover, we help you plan your change management process. We are with you at every step of your adoption journey.

Long-term partnership

We're here for the long run. We're committed. And we'll listen to you. With Boardlogic, you have a team that constantly innovates, remains curious, and continues to imagine the many ways we can best serve your organisation. We believe that when our clients thrive, we, too, succeed.

We've got you covered

At Praxonomy, we have a commitment to privacy and data protection that is not only considered in everything we do and design -- it is also embedded as part of our company's values. Clients depend on us to secure some of their most valuable information, so your trust is of paramount importance to us.

Boardlogic is hosted in state-of-the-art, ISO 27001 certified data centres in the Netherlands. Your data is not subject to the U.S. CLOUD Act nor the USA Freedom Act, and is protected under the strict data protection laws of the Netherlands and the EU (GDPR).

We only collect and store information that is necessary to offer our services and only with your consent. Boardlogic is fully compliant with GDPR and we continue to strive for the highest standards.

Verasafe Privacy Seal

Boardlogic's security is regularly audited by independent cybersecurity experts. Our Privacy practices are assessed by an external data privacy consultant. We also employ internal audit processes to ensure our security measures are properly implemented and continue to work as intended.

We publish transparency reports detailing all third-party requests for data we receive and how we handle them. We would only disclose data if required to do so by law or by court order.

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