Paperless Savings Calculator

From the initial stages of sourcing and compiling information to the later steps of printing, reprinting, binding and shipping, significant material costs and working hours are required in managing board and committee meetings in a paper-based manner. This simple calculator gives you an idea on the immediate financial savings you can make by moving your Board from a paper-based process to a paperless solution like Boardlogic.

No. of Board Meetings Per Year
No. of Board Members
Average Size of Board Pack (Page)
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You can save
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*Assumptions Used In Calculation:

  • Material cost of paper, binding, printing is per page.
  • Labour cost associated with assembling a single paper board pack is . It is estimated to take an average of 4 person-hours to build a single paper board pack from start to finish, including compiling, printing, binding, revising and shipping. Salary data is based on median salaries of an assistant/deputy company secretary on
  • Courier fee is per board pack. This is based on average rates of domestic express shipping by DHL.
  • A meeting pack for a committee meeting incurs 50% of the costs as compared to a board of directors meeting board pack.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference only and shall not constitute or be construed as constituting any offer, promise, representation or warranty, whether express or implied.

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