A Smooth Board Meeting Experience From Beginning to End

Every board meeting has its own dedicated file repository, meeting agenda, board pack, and meeting minutes. Meetings give users one-stop access to all the content related to a meeting or topic in the past, present, or future.

Set up your meeting just like a calendar invitation

Add details such as date/time, location, and add board portal users, or even external individuals, as meeting attendees.

Notify your attendees to formally invite them to the meeting

Publish the meeting and send a meeting invitation via the portal and through email.

Upload and share meeting files

Upload meeting documents to the file repository of the meeting, up to 10 files at a time. Whether it's a PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet, Boardlogic supports just about any document file type.

Track meetings in calendar apps

Meeting details can be exported as an .ics file. Meeting invitations and update emails come with the .ics attached.

Works with any video or audio conferencing solution

Simply insert the meeting link, and attendees can launch the session directly from the Boardlogic board portal.

A suite of features to create, manage, and share meeting materials

Create Meeting Agendas

Engage the board and manage the flow of board meetings with a structured, detailed digital meeting agenda. With Boardlogic, you can build digital meeting agendas in minutes and instantly share it with meeting attendees.

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Build Digital Board Packs

Provide context to agenda items by creating and publishing digital board packs. If any updates are necessary, simply re-publish the board pack with the click of a button. Meeting attendees receive the latest version of board papers in real-time.

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Circulate the Meeting Minutes

Document important board discussions and draft the meeting minutes with our Notetaker. Collect feedback, and when finalised, share the minutes with meeting attendees or download and export it as a PDF file.

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Connect with your board members effortlessly

Find out how today.

When in a crisis, board management software makes it easy for the board to meet, collaborate, and act

Board portal solutions streamline meeting scheduling, information-sharing and collaborative efforts amongst board members so they can implement an effective communication strategy - especially when in crisis. Learn the principles of good board communication and how to apply them in a real-world context.

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