Simplified Digital Board Pack Creation

The Board Pack Builder is the easiest and fastest way to compile digital meeting packs. Share these with your attendees in real-time. With digital board packs, edits can be made on the fly and all changes are reflected instantly. You ensure that the latest version of the board pack is in your meeting attendees' hands.

Upload files

Upload meeting documents to the file repository of the meeting, up to 10 files at a time. Whether it's a Powerpoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet, Boardlogic supports just about any file type.

Link files to agenda items

Meeting files are arranged by their related agenda items in the board pack. You can link multiple files under an agenda item and configure the order the files are presented in the board pack.

Publish the digital board pack

When files are linked to agenda items, the digital board pack is automatically compiled in the background. Publishing the board pack makes it visible to all meeting attendees.

Version history example

Document version control

Version control ensures you are presenting the most up-to-date files in the board pack. Replace an existing file with a new version, and it will take effect immediately for all users.

Granular file permissions for security

Granular file permissions

Have flexible controls over who has access to, and which permission levels, over every item in the board pack. File permissions help you manage confidentiality of information.

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Download options for items in the board pack

Download options

You can enable download options for individual files in the pack or a fully assembled pack, with separator pages, automatic page numbers, a cover page and the agenda in a single PDF file.

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Board packs define and enrich board meetings

The contents of board packs underpin the conversation and direction of the board meeting, yet they can sometimes be poorly written, hold too much information, or lack strategic focus. This checklist provides seven tips on how to build effective, value-driven and insightful board packs for your board.

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