Meeting Minutes Builder

Boardlogic's board meeting minutes software lets you capture notes, assign action items as tasks, submit a draft for review, distribute and archive the final minutes with just a few clicks.

Streamline meeting minutes taking

The Boardlogic meeting minutes builder centralises your end-to-end note taking workflow.

Record meeting attendance

Make note of attendance by marking individual attendees present, or absent, in the Attendance Tracker.

Write minutes using Notetaker

You can type notes by agenda items or by using the free-form composer within Boardlogic with formatting tools

Submit draft minutes for review

Collect feedback and comments from relevant meeting attendees before publishing the minutes to the wider audience.

Share the finalised minutes

Once your minutes are finalised, you can publish them to the meeting audience or export them into a professionally formatted PDF document.

Secure Minutes Workflow

The entire board minutes workflow from drafting, reviewing to archiving is done securely on Boardlogic, eliminating the risk of sensitive information being circulated to unknown and unsecure channels.

Attendance Reports

Generate reports on directors' attendance at meetings across the board and committees within a specific time period, for easy reference or annual report preparation.

Always At Your Fingertips

With Boardlogic, directors and administrators can access a complete archive of board meeting minutes at any time.

Get all board members on the same page. Find out how.

Board meeting minutes provide context to crucial board discussions

Board meeting minutes should not simply be viewed as an administrative requirement. Their value is evident in how they document board decisions and discussions to inform future actions. Meeting minutes are not only necessary from a compliance standpoint, but also important for good corporate governance. Use this template as a guide to ensure you cover all the salient points of the board meeting.

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