Equip Your Board to Govern Anywhere

Increase engagement levels by providing your board the ability to collaborate and govern from any device, at any time, and from anywhere. Our board management solution enables boards to stay up-to-date, remain in touch, and execute their duties seamlessly and securely. Boardlogic moves board conversations forward.

Stay connected with board members before, during, and after board meetings

Digital Board Packs

The digital board pack provides baseline and contextual information for informed, effective decision making. Review the board pack with our best-in-class reader that replicates the paper board book experience.

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Shared Notes

Review board information with fellow board members. Share questions or review commentary on specific sections of the board pack with meeting attendees so these can be addressed before or during the board meeting.

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In-App Messaging and Discussions

Need to get in touch with a director or executive in between board meetings? Do away with unsecure email or text correspondence and communicate directly with board members via in-app messaging.

Task Tracking

Monitor the status of action items assigned to board members and obtain an insightful snapshot on the overall progress of tasks. Tracking the status of tasks allows for greater overall board transparency and accountability.

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Govern with confidence, security, and ease with Boardlogic

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Collaborative, remote board practices are here to stay

The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way boards meet, collaborate, and govern. For the most part, boards had to do away with face-to-face meetings and increasingly rely on remote meetings. On the blog, we offer a director's perspective on how to make the board more comfortable with remote working practices. Learn how to better integrate technology - such as the use of board portal software - into the board's workflow.

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