Intuitive Document Annotations and Markups

The Board Pack Reader comes with built-in annotation software that lets you markup, comment, and make notes directly on the document pages while reviewing the board pack—just like you can with paper, only more powerful. Annotations are always private to the user. Want to leave a note for other participants? Leave a Shared Note.

Shared Notes

Leave a comment or start a discussion with other meeting participants specific to a piece of content in a document. Shared notes are viewable to other meeting attendees that have Read permission for the document.

Extensive Annotation Tools

Pick a tool and start annotating. Add drawings, shapes, sticky notes, or highlight, strikethrough, or underline text in different colours. When you just want to read the document, hide all annotation markings with a click.

Always Stay Synced

As you make an annotation, the changes save automatically and securely on the cloud. Your annotations are with you every time you open the board pack—and are always up to date.

Organised and Searchable

All the annotations made are summarised in the sidebar. Clicking on an annotation takes you to the position where it is made in the document. Have a long list of annotations? You can simply search for the annotation you need by text.

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Here's why team collaboration software users switch over to board portal solutions

The board is more effective when members collaborate inside the boardroom and in between meetings. Some boards opt to use team collaboration software to engage board members. But team collaboration software fails to provide a streamlined user experience, and falls short of addressing the board's specific needs. This can be frustrating. In this whitepaper, find out how board portals address the functional gaps left by team collaboration solutions, and learn how Boardlogic is uniquely positioned to support board members in all aspects of their work.

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