Secure your board communications and govern with greater confidence

Limit your board's exposure to cyber-risks so it can set its sights on strategic governance. Boardlogic's design philosophy is rooted in integrating enterprise-grade security capabilities, ensuring boards of all sizes can meet and lead with utmost confidence.


of Boards recognise digital threats as a top challenge1


of data breaches are caused by human error2


of organisations experience spear phishing weekly or daily3


is the average cost of a data breach4

Retain control over your company's confidential information

Boardlogic provides your board with full system ownership over your data. Unless specified by your organisation's system administrator, no external parties — including our team members — have visibility or access to your company's information. Your data remains solely yours.

Security is embedded into every layer of our board portal solution. Boardlogic helps prevent data breaches due to human error, unauthorised access, loss or theft. Your board can collaborate, communicate, and make decisions privately and securely.

Full data encryption

Sensitive information can be intercepted or accessed if not encrypted. Encryption is the process of rendering data unreadable and uninterpretable so that only authorised parties can access the intelligible content with what is called a "key." With Boardlogic, files are protected by our proprietary multi-layer encryption framework. This means that all data in our board meeting management solution is kept secure via encryption in-transit (i.e. traveling from the sender to the recipient) and at-rest (i.e. stored data).

Board information stays just for the board's eyes

Boardlogic removes the need for sharing privileged or insider information in unsecure email accounts and document systems managed by organisation's IT teams. It also provides an independent, stand-alone, and reliable platform to allow the board to continue to lead in crisis, such as when a cyberattack takes place and impacts the company's IT systems.

User Roles

Create custom user roles with specific access privileges and or administrative rights.

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Document Permissions

Granular file permissions settings. Set view, download, annotate or manage permissions for every file in a board pack.

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Device Management

Mobile app access only by device registration. Instantly and remotely remove and disable a registered device from access.

Access Security

Strong password policies and maximum login attempt enforced by default. Automated security notification for important account activities.

A provider you can trust

At Praxonomy, we have a commitment to privacy and data protection that is not only considered in everything we do and design – it is also embedded as part of our company's values. We have designed our software, hosting infrastructure and company operations to protect clients from criminal attacks and state-sponsored cyber surveillance.

All processes behind Boardlogic are audited and certified by BSI for ISO 27001 – the global gold standard for information security management.

Boardlogic is hosted in state-of-the-art, ISO 27001 certified data centres in the Netherlands. Your data is not subject to the U.S. CLOUD Act nor the USA Freedom Act, and is protected under the strict data protection laws of the Netherlands and the EU (GDPR).

Praxonomy's data governance and data security in relation to the processing of personal information is audited and certified by Verasafe. Praxonomy is required to maintain a high standard & implement best practices for data privacy.

Boardlogic's security is regularly audited by independent cybersecurity experts. Our Privacy practices are assessed by an external data privacy consultant. We also employ internal audit processes to ensure our security measures are properly implemented and continue to work as intended.

We publish transparency reports detailing all third-party requests for data we receive and how we handle them. We would only disclose data if required to do so by law or by court order.

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