Flexible Access Controls and Permissions

Limit risk and manage confidentiality with flexible access controls and permissions. With Boardlogic, you provide appropriate information to the right and intended audience.

Control access to board information with file permissions

Manage File Access

Set permission levels on every item uploaded to the board pack. File permission settings give you flexible control over who has access to files.

Data Security

Files uploaded to the application are encrypted in transit and at rest. With Boardlogic, files in the application remain secure at all times.

Customised Role Setting

Role-based permissions allow you to manage confidentiality of information and conflicts of interest issues. Platform users only review the information that's pertinent to them.

Scalable data management and access controls

Boardlogic provides a flexible model that allows you to group information in accordance with your organisational or governance structure and access policies.

multiple log-ons for board meeting management software

Multiple Organisations

Access and manage multiple boards, with their own set of users, administrators, and content security, segregated on a single portal.

Spaces feature screen capture


Spaces enable grouping of users, communications, and meetings within your organisation. Create Spaces for board committees, special projects, or teams.

Meeting Permissions and Space Role options

Flexible Space Roles

Space Role defines a user's permissions and access rights within a given Space. A user can have different Space Roles in different Spaces according to your internal policies.

Manage how you handle confidential board information

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Security should be a priority when selecting board meeting management software

Security features of board meeting solutions cannot be overlooked. From role-based permissions to data encryption, board portals should adopt a comprehensive approach to securing board data and sensitive information. Find out how Boardlogic protects your organisation in this detailed Security Data Sheet.

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