Key Features of Boardlogic

Our board portal is packed with essential features that enable efficient board administration and real-time collaboration within a secure platform. Boardlogic equips your board with the right tools for modern corporate governance so you can lead with greater impact.

For Directors, CEOs, and Executives

Focus on what matters.

Arrive at actionable insights without unnecessary distractions. With our board management software, you spend more time executing your strategic vision for the organisation.

Digital Board Packs

Review board documents on any device with our board reader. Any updates made to the documents are reflected instantly. Navigate pages and search for text easily.

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Personal Dashboard

Get an overview of your priorities, signature requests, available board materials and upcoming meetings from a personalised space.

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Notes and Annotations

Markup or add private sticky notes and annotations in the board pack, or share your thoughts with other board members using Shared Notes.

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Task Tracking

Track tasks, priorities, and action items assigned to you or others. View their due dates and update the status once completed.

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Secure Messaging

Communicate with directors within the platform. Do away with relying on unsecure channels such as email for board communications.

Shared Notes

Share your insights. Leave a comment or start a discussion with other meeting participants while reviewing the board pack's contents.

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Sign board documents securely. Affix your handwritten e-signature or digital certificate-based signature on documents with clicks.

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Archived Records Retrieval

Access archived past meeting records and search through them any time.

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In-app Notifications

Always stay updated. Receive notifications for matters that require immediate attention such as meeting notices, signature requests, or board pack updates.

Multiple Board Support

Sign-in with only one set of credentials even when serving on multiple boards. Easily switch between boards as needed.

Board Directory

Get in touch with other board members easily. View contact details, roles, functions, and profiles of board members in one central directory.

Multi-Device Support

Access our board portal software anywhere via a web browser on laptops, tablets, or mobile devices or using the Boardlogic app for iPad and iPhone.

Voting and Approvals

Cast your vote on important issues during or between meetings from any device, and view voting results instantly within Boardlogic.

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Universal File Search

Search for files, old or recent, and retrieve them any time in a matter of clicks.

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For Company Secretaries and Board Administrators

Elevate the board meeting experience.

Lay down the foundation for great board meetings. Board administration has never been simpler. Boardlogic helps you meet the needs of your board with efficiency, consistency and ease.

Meeting Scheduler

Set-up and invite users to meetings with time, location, and attendee details.

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Real-time Notifications

Send notifications for matters that require the board's attention such as meeting notices, signature requests, or updates to the agenda or board pack.

Agenda Builder

Easily create the meeting agenda. Add, remove, or rearrange the position of agenda items via the drag-n-drop feature.

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Board Pack Builder

Create a board pack in minutes. Compile and link uploaded files to agenda items. Publish and distribute the agenda, board pack, and minutes in real-time.

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Attendance Reporting

Generate a report that shows the attendance rate of the board of directors and committees during a specified time period. This can be included in your annual report.

Minutes Builder

Jot down notes in the application while the meeting is in progress and return to these as you build the meeting minutes.

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e-Signature Requests

Send board members e-signature requests. Track the status of each individual signature request in real-time and in one place.

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Meeting Archive

Archive all associated meeting files for compliance, security, and audit purposes. Once archived, they become "read-only" and tamper-proof.

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Minutes Review

Share the draft of the meeting minutes. Gather feedback and comments from directors prior to submitting the version for approval.

Role-Based File Permission Settings

Set specific file permissions for all files uploaded to Boardlogic to address security, compliance, or conflicts of interest issues.

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Multiple File-Support

Upload different file types from Powerpoint presentations to PDF files, and link them to the board pack.

Space Discussions

Group users, communications, and meetings within your organisation. Create Spaces for board committees, special projects, or teams.

Voting and Approvals

Customise and tailor voting options, and manage the entirety of the voting process for the board and leadership team with a few clicks.

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Unlimited Storage

Documents and records are securely stored unless you delete them, ensuring document retention requirements are always met.

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Security You Can Rely On

Ensuring your data is secure is one of our primary priorities. Our board management software is built on advanced security technologies to protect sensitive board information and documents at all times.

  • Advanced Data Encryption

    Files are protected by a multi-layer encryption framework, and all data is encrypted whether in transit or at rest.

  • Secure Data Centres

    Boardlogic is hosted in data centres in the Netherlands – a strategic choice for data privacy purposes. The data centres have passed ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

  • Regular Penetration Testing

    Third-party cybersecurity experts regularly conduct penetration tests for Boardlogic to ensure data integrity and security.

  • Flexible Access Authority Setting

    System administrators can manage user accounts, set up spaces, and assign appropriate roles and permissions as needed.

  • Scalable and Reliable Cloud Architecture

    Boardlogic cloud infrastructure has built-in high availability, which includes a transfer mechanism that is triggered in the unlikely event of hardware and component failures.

  • Remotely Disable Device

    Access to the Boardlogic application can be remotely disabled if a user's device is lost or stolen.

  • Biometric Authentication

    Choose to unlock the Boardlogic's iPhone and iPad apps with either FaceID or TouchID.

We manage board data security for you

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A Smooth Transition

Our modern board management software is designed for users of all technical levels. Setting up is effortless, and your board members can start using it with minimal to no training. If you get stuck, getting in touch with us is easy.

24/7 email, telephone and live chat support

When you need help, our team of product experts are only a call or an email away—24 hours, 7 days a week.

Unlimited training

We provide unlimited, virtual, one-to-one training sessions for your administrators at no extra cost.

Unlimited onboarding and implementation guidance

Our free implementation plan is tailored to the needs of your board. A Client Success Manager will work with you to design a plan that will ensure a seamless transition to Boardlogic.

In-app Help Guides

Help guides are all embedded throughout the application so you can learn about the features at your own pace.

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