Trust a Single Source for Board Information

As the central repository for board data, Boardlogic contains not only the latest version of board-level information for both directors and executives to reference, but it also secures and retains the integrity of data. Boardlogic allows boards to rely, act upon, and make decisions based on the information that's in front of them.

Empower your board with the tools needed to remain in sync and well-informed

Version Control

Boardlogic ensures that the board is able to work with the latest version of documents with the platform's intuitive version control feature. Replace files by uploading the latest version, and it takes effect immediately. File version history can be tracked and retained.

Singular Source for Board Packs

Work with the latest version of board packs at all times. Simply access the digital board pack via the board portal. If updates are required, the digital board pack is simply re-published and board members have access to the latest version in real­time.

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Archived Meeting Information

Once the meeting is over, archive all meeting information into an immutable, read-only, digital record. Serving as a source of truth, archived records help companies remain transparent and comply with regulatory and reporting requirements.

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Multiple board log-in screenshot

Multiple boards, one login

Serving on multiple boards? Get single sign-on to access and easily switch between multiple boards from one board portal or even different Boardlogic portals. Reference a centralised source of truth.

Work with board information you can trust.

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Board meeting solutions ensure the security, reliability and integrity of information

The use of board portal software as a single source and version of truth is especially useful when it comes to board audits. Audits require a degree of transparency, and board portals make it easier to comply with this requirement. From information security to managing data integrity, board portals support the work of auditors (especially the audit committee) in a variety of ways.

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