Archive Meeting Records

Once the board meeting is over, turn all board meeting records into a read-­only state. Unless the meeting is deleted, all files and meeting documents are secured stored in our board management solution forever.

Documents Retrieval

Refer back to previous board documents for audit, compliance, or reference purposes. The agenda, board pack, and meeting minutes of past board meetings can be accessed at any time.

Read-Only State

Once archived, documents associated with previous board or committee meetings become immutable meeting records. To ensure data integrity, they are set to read-only and cannot be edited or modified.

Universal File Search

Search for files, old or recent, and retrieve them any time in a matter of clicks.

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Board portals support audit processes

Board portals are a centralised platform for board data. This ensures that pertinent board information - whether archived or not - can be retrieved in a timely manner. On the blog, we discuss how board management software can enhance audits. Board portals, like Boardlogic, ensure that audits are conducted without lapses in security, transparency , or integrity of information.

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