e-Signatures for Board Documents

Boardlogic's e-Signature workflow simplifies the signing process of board resolutions and other documents. Do away with logistics and manual requests for obtaining board signatures. Send out a signature request and track its status all from one location in the board portal.

Create a signature request

Choose any PDF document from a meeting file repository and create a signature request. Specify the signature method, a due date and time.

Add signers and signature fields

Add one or more signers to the signature request and designate a signature field for each signer on the document.

Submit request

Submit the request to collect signatures and get visibility into the process. Track each individual signature status and their progress in real time.

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Signature Request Notifications

Get notified via the app and email of signature requests. Launch the request and review the document.

Granular file permissions for security

Simplified and Secure Signing

No need to use a secondary app for signing board documents. Affix your signature with just clicks, all from within Boardlogic.

Download options for items in the board pack

Full Audit Trail

Each e-signature request comes with a downloadable audit trail that tracks signature activities with timestamps.

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Electronic signatures are not simply about convenience

From cost considerations to greater security, the benefits of electronic signing and digital signatures go beyond that of convenience. On the blog, find out why the board should digitise the signing of board resolutions. resolutions. Learn the difference between electronic and digital signatures.

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