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Captive managers shoulder substantial responsibilities and getting the captive management processes right from the ‘get go’ is vitally important. This is where a secure, easy-to-use board governance solution can be transformative …

New AI products continue to arrive at a dizzying pace. Some will change the way we think and work while others will promise much but deliver less. Here Jay Shaw (Praxonomy CEO) and Alan Hewitt (Praxonomy NED) discuss the pros and cons of one of the latest products coming to market.

In this blog piece, Alan Hewitt considers our ability as humans to embrace change and, hence, how companies/organisations should face up to the challenge of almost constant evolution in the way that they work/operate enabled and or driven by AI.

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London Stock Exchange Issuer Services team interviews Praxonomy CEO, Jay Shaw. Discussing Boardlogic’s board portal solution, cybersecurity and also Praxonomy’s recent expansion to the UK Market as a key step in the company’s growth and development.

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Boards need to provide adequate oversight on their organisations’ data privacy strategies. But how should this be addressed in the face of changing regulations? Here are 10 questions boards should ask management.

It’s easy to focus on must-have features when deciding on a board portal solution. But it’s dangerous to make a purchasing decision on that basis alone.

Learn why we emphasise the importance of simplicity, cost, and security — and the critical need to get these things right.

Board portal communications vs. email and PDFs

Email and PDFs will always be convenient. There are, however, inherent risks around using these to disseminate board information. Find out why board portals are better for board communications.

Praxonomy has been recertified for ISO 27001. This reaffirms the company’s ability to follow information security best practices in line with recognised international standards.


Directors must ask insightful questions on cybersecurity so a meaningful discussions on the topic can take place in the boardroom. Here are 10 questions boards should ask about cybersecurity.

Secure Collaboration for the Board

In today’s cyberrisk landscape, it has become critical for boards to rely on secure collaboration platforms to get work done. Find out how board portals increase engagement levels and how they allow directors to execute their governance duties with confidence.

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Board members need to adopt a risk-oriented mindset when it comes to their own security practices. Here are some concepts that can be put to practice in order to keep the boardroom safe.

Cybersecurity Threats and Trends 2020

Security related incidents were rampant throughout the year. We discuss the cybersecurity threats and trends that made an imprint on the security landscape of 2020.