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Remote working became a priority for organisations during the pandemic. But is it the only option moving forward? We explore the hybrid working model and how it might be put to the test post COVID-19.

The world has changed with the onset of COVID-19. What does this mean for the board and its ability to deliver value? How should boards operate in this new landscape?

We’ve adapted to new ways of working and collaborating remotely. Here are some recommendations for establishing remote working practices for boards.

Every aspect of our businesses and lives are undergoing changes that wouldn’t have been believable before the COVID-19 pandemic. How will boards cope and evolve with the rate and severity of change?

COVID-19 is a dramatic event that we never expected to face, but it brings with it an opportunity to reassess our ways of working and thinking.

Will the COVID-19 pandemic cause a major shift in how boards work? Will this impact how board meetings are conducted in the long term?

Virtual meetings continue to gain traction in the workplace due to remote working. With the right technology and proper facilitation, they can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings.

Have you heard of the “inverted pyramid”? Board papers written with their audience in mind will enable management to get clear feedback and direction from the board.

Board portal software should make your life easier: easier to do what needs to be done, easier to do what you want to do and easier to ensure that you stay compliant.

Unlike system administrators, board directors don’t have time to learn the intricacies of a technology solutions. Boards, however, need the end user experience to be painless, effective and value-adding. How does one approach designing an application, such as a board portal, for such an audience?

Are you making the most out of your board meetings? We give you five practical steps to ensure every meeting is an effective, productive, and efficient.