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Clearly AI will open up great possibilities for boards to be better informed, leading, one hopes, to better decisions. Therefore, is it possible for an AI enabled “robot” to join the company board?

With 70% of Digital Transformation programmes apparently ending in failure, Alan Hewitt explains why boards need to stay on top of developments, and how.

We asked the world’s new trending AI ChatGPT it’s opinion on board priorities and what boards of directors should consider to improve their organization’s performance in 2023.

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Hybrid working became a priority for organisations during the pandemic. As restrictions ease-up in 2023, we discuss the current state of hybrid working and its impacts on the companies and it’s employees, as well as how board portal technology plays a key role within the hybrid work environment.

Unlike system administrators, board directors don’t have time to learn the intricacies of a technology solutions. Boards, however, need the end user experience to be painless, effective and value-adding. How does one approach designing an application, such as a board portal, for such an audience?