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featured image - 5 key questions to ask about board management software

There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating a board portal solution. Apart from features and cost, here are 5 key questions to ask board portal service providers when selecting a board portal for your organisation.


Today’s board members are tasked with working with highly-sensitive information while cultivating an open environment of accountability and trust within the larger organisation. It can be challenging. In this article, we discuss the challenges that accompany board transparency and how to overcome them.


As a board member, it’s important to receive the proper training and education on corporate governance. Learn about the benefits of board governance training programmes and why you should consider one for your organization.


Boards fail to function at its full potential if board members are disengaged. Organisations can’t afford that. Here are some clear signs of waning board engagement, and five ways to boost it.


We discuss the board’s — and management’s — role in strategic management and the impact of collaborative tools on strategic planning, oversight, and success.

5 Governance Tools Every Board Should Be Using

Here are the Top 5 governance tools that boards should use to effectively lead the organisation to governance success.

is your board of directors ready for boardroom technology featured image

How do you know if your board is ready to use boardroom technology? If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then it might be time.

good-digital-habits-for-board-members-header image

We’ve all formed digital habits. But some of these may run counter to what it means to be productive and secure in today’s connected environment. In this article, learn about 7 good digital habits that will keep you efficient, safe, and effective.

Board portal communications vs. email and PDFs

Email and PDFs will always be convenient. There are, however, inherent risks around using these to disseminate board information. Find out why board portals are better for board communications.


A board resolution is a document that records the decisions of the board. In this post, we discuss the different types of board resolutions and the prerequisites needed for them to pass. We also provide some tips on how to write board resolutions. Read on.


Learn how to write an executive summary that will be of value to board members. We discuss the basic format and content structure expected from this critical, stand-alone document. Read on.


What is stakeholder engagement — and why should it find its way to the board’s agenda? We present a business case for stakeholder engagement and highlight why it’s imperative from the lens of profitability and organisational success.