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COP26 brings to light the climate change crisis and the role companies can play to stop or reverse it. Find out how leaders — the board, in particular — can effect change, drive sustainability, and govern with a social conscience.


To meet the demands of today’s regulatory environment and make it easier for boards to respond to auditors and regulatory bodies, boards of all types of organisations can be supported by technologies to digitise or automate their workflows. One such platform is the board portal. 

who can benefit from using board management software

Many organisations assume that board portal software benefits only directors. But the reality is that different stakeholders of the board meeting management process (from directors to executive assistants) have found value in the technology.

Protecting the Boardroom padlock cybersecurity blog image

Board members need to adopt a risk-oriented mindset when it comes to their own security practices. Here are some concepts that can be put to practice in order to keep the boardroom safe.

Governance Beyond Covid 19: What's Next for Boards? Featured Image

Boards had to pivot from their usual ways of working to tackle the global pandemic. But now that things are slowly returning to normal, what will board governance look like post COVID-19?

how board portals improve corporate governance header image

The use of a board portal not only streamline boards’ workflows, but it also aligns boardroom-related activities with the five pillars of corporate governance.

the role of the board in business continuity planning or BCP blog cover

Many organisations were unprepared to confront the scale of global disruption due to COVID-19. Learn how business continuity planning (BCP) could have changed this narrative, and the unique role of the board in the BCP process.

Four Characteristics of an Effective Board Cover

Learn about four key attributes of effective, high-performing boards. Find out how to enhance governance, and discover how board portals can play a role.

how to create cybersecurity reports title banner

Cybersecurity reporting for the board can be challenging. We discuss how to provide insightful cybersecurity metrics that the board can appreciate.

blog post title cover

Selecting a board portal solution requires thoughtful consideration. Here are five mistakes that one should avoid in the evaluation process.

Cybersecurity Threats and Trends 2020

Security related incidents were rampant throughout the year. We discuss the cybersecurity threats and trends that made an imprint on the security landscape of 2020.

Digital transformation initiatives are not easy. Here are three common roadblocks to digitisation and how to effectively overcome them.