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Cybersecurity Threats and Trends 2020

Security related incidents were rampant throughout the year. We discuss the cybersecurity threats and trends that made an imprint on the security landscape of 2020.

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5 Benefits of a Board Portal Solution for School Boards

From cost-savings to the mitigation of financial and reputational risks, board management software can transform the way school boards work, collaborate, and govern.

Board work and processes have been impacted by COVID-19. How can Boards continue to streamline their workflows in these challenging times? Digital signatures might be the way to go.

Some companies still view ESG as merely a brand or marketing concern. That idea won’t hold up for long. Here’s why ESG issues should make their way into the board’s agenda.

The relationship between diversity in the workplace and corporate performance has been put under an empirical microscope for quite some time. Multiple studies have shown that the positive correlation between the two makes for a compelling case for a more diverse workforce.

Here are seven implementable and pragmatic suggestions on how to build a board pack that is cost-effective, value-driven and meaningful for your Board.

A well-structured, effective board is the foundation for good corporate governance. Here are some board-related concerns that should be addressed (sooner rather than later) if they plan to go public.