Introducing Praxonomy

  • Jay Shaw
  • Published: October 18, 2018
Introducing Praxonomy

We opened Praxonomy a year ago and set to work creating the Praxonomy board portal, the first product Praxonomy is bringing to market as part of a platform of fully-integrated software solutions to help boards of directors become more efficient, effective and compliant.

I am pleased to announce the public launch of the product today. 

We built the portal to help boards of directors manage their work, organise their content, comply with regulatory requirements, collaborate better (both in committee and as a full board) and make meaningful use of deep, reliable search and reporting capabilities.

Information security, legal and reporting requirements, paperless meetings and anytime, anywhere accessibility have become baseline priorities for enabling more competitive and effective boards, both across the world and across industries.

The need is clear and cannot be easily met with email attachments or mass-market collaboration and cloud-storage solutions that are neither fully secure nor optimised for board use.

And though there are some good products already on the market, legacy board portal solutions are generally too complicated (and costly) for first-time board portal adopters whilst board portal solutions at the lower end of the market can lack the serious security and high-quality support and service board members need and must have.

Our solution is new. The Praxonomy board portal is a cloud-based, premium “general-market” board portal with next-generation technology and features. It is easy to use, ultra-secure and designed with only one goal in mind — to help you and your fellow board members stay on top of your work.

And we are offering it at a reasonable price to attract first-time adopters.

So if you’re interested in a stable and scalable solution that is built for security and data protection from the ground up, a solution that is quick to implement and easy to manage, with software developed on a robust, flexible framework which allows for quick product enhancement rollouts, product extension and integration with third-party systems via APIs, not to mention a customer-friendly buying process, simple pricing and omni-channel after-sales customer support, then try the Praxonomy board portal today.

It might just be the thing you’re looking for.

We are eager to hear your feedback. 

– Jay Shaw, Founder and Chairman