Praxonomy Enters Next Chapter with a Strategic Investment from Tricor

  • Jay Shaw
  • Published: September 10, 2020
Praxonomy Enters Next Chapter with a Strategic Investment from Tricor

Some changes in the life of a business are incremental, for example, the release-by-release flow of small improvements that make a product shine over time. Other changes are different; they mark new beginnings and signal dramatic shifts in the life of a product, and of a business.

The investment that Tricor announced on Tuesday signals a dramatic change for Praxonomy.

web-praxonomy-tricor-logo-v2 (1)
Tricor’s support, global client base and strategic leadership are already changing how we think about what we do and how we approach the market. For example, our next product release features new reports that, because of Tricor’s feedback, are designed to help boards comply with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s rules and guidance for listed companies.

This is a very good thing. And it is only one thing. We expect much more to come.

There is of course a bigger picture, which is that the digital transformation Tricor is leading in the business services industry will redefine how private and listed companies, regulators, markets and service providers all operate. To the extent that technology adoption drives improvements that turn what was mainly a manual set of workflows into automated processes, the promise of ‘better, cheaper, faster’ becomes real and starts to create revolutionary change across the entire industry.

These are exciting times. All of us at Praxonomy are proud to have taken the first steps on this journey with Tricor. We look forward to the next steps.

Read the press release here: