Introducing Boardlogic 2.0

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
Introducing Boardlogic 2.0

Welcome to Boardlogic 2.0.

We’ve rebuilt Boardlogic from the ground up to help your board lead and make decisions more effectively. With a sleeker user interface (UI) and more powerful functionalities, Boardlogic 2.0 is a solution that caters to the needs of today’s modern, practical board.


We returned to the drawing board and reconsidered everything about our user interface. With changes to the colour palette, icons and styles, every aspect of the UI has been thoughtfully redesigned. The new styles not only give Boardlogic a more modern, cleaner and vibrant look, but more importantly, it’s become easier to navigate around the solution to get important work done. 

Modern User Interface
User interface redesigned from the ground-up
A more modern, cleaner design


In addition to digital signatures, we are delighted to introduce a voting function that streamlines the decision-making process during or between meetings. Votes can be opened to multiple board members at once and they can cast their vote from any device. Results are reported instantly.

Voting gives company secretaries and board administrators a powerful tool to gather insights as well as capture and track decisions of the board. 

  • Customisable voting options that fit the voting procedure of your organisation
  • Set time period so votes can only be cast during such time
  • Easily link and create a vote against an agenda item with one click
  • Reset votes for board members
  • In control of when to publish the final vote results to all

In today’s fast-paced business environment, voting enables board members and executives to make agile and informed decisions. 

  • Be notified of vote requests and cast vote anywhere on any device
  • Have to access to all past votes and decisions
  • See pending votes alongside the board pack with supporting documents
  • View vote outcomes in real time
Voting Process GIF
Cast votes from the dashboard
Customisable voting options
Vote Results UI Screenshot
Track results in real-time


In addition to English, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified), Boardlogic is now available in German.

We’re not stopping there.

To further improve the user experience of our end-users and clients situated around the world, you can expect more languages to be supported soon.


All of these enhancements have already been made available to all existing Boardlogic clients through an automatic upgrade.

This latest iteration of Boardlogic is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, and to how much we value product feedback. All of the changes were implemented with you in mind.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Boardlogic 2.0. 

We look forward to seeing how it empowers your board to lead with efficiency — and greater impact.

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