Boardlogic in Action: Universal File Search Functionality

Boardlogic in Action: Universal File Search Functionality

With the Boardlogic board portal, you can seamlessly search for board meeting files and documents at anytime, from anywhere.

Whether searching for board pack-related data, meeting minutes, board resolutions and more, our universal file search functionality allows you to retrieve the information you need in a matter of clicks. No more searching through lengthy email threads or exchanges to find the files you need.

We even go a step further: our powerful search feature links the files and documents you’re searching for to the related board meeting and board pack. This provides greater context for your review.

It’s that easy.

The Boardlogic board portal has been designed to make your board more efficient, effective and secure. The Search functionality is one of many features that embody this design philosophy.

To see the full suite of Boardlogic’s easy-to-use yet powerful features, schedule a commitment-free demo with our Product Expert today.