Praxonomy and Humentum Announce Industry Partnership

Hong Kong & Washington, DC – September 3, 2019 – Praxonomy and Humentum are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global industry partnership.

The collaboration between the two organisations provides Humentum's 290 member organisations with free subscriptions to Praxonomy, a premier cloud-based board portal solution, as part of the Praxonomy for Nonprofits program.

The Praxonomy-Humentum partnership combines the objectives of delivering operational excellence by helping Humentum member organisations' senior leadership and boards of directors become more effective, efficient and compliant via the Praxonomy solution.

With the partnership, each member organisation will be eligible for a free subscription to the Praxonomy board portal with implementation guidance, user training and support. Praxonomy helps nonprofit organisations save cost and time and become more efficient by providing easy to use features to organise paperless meetings, collaborate, and manage records across boards and committees.

"Partnering with Humentum reflects Praxonomy's shared commitment to support organisations that seek to make a positive societal impact. Together, as a team, we can help a mission-oriented network of boards of directors streamline their board-related activities, enabling them to focus on the areas of strategic planning and implementation," said Jay Shaw, Founder and Chairman of Praxonomy. "By bolstering organisational leadership and good governance, Humentum's member organisations can drive even more meaningful and effective societal change. Their success becomes part of ours."

"Humentum's partnership with Praxonomy highlights our joint efforts to assist organizations in more successfully fulfilling their missions. We are excited to offer our members access to Praxonomy's suite of tools, as efficient boards are a key component to effective organizations," said Chris Proulx, Interim CEO of Humentum. "With Praxonomy, our members and their board will be positioned to continue their critical work with a streamlined, efficient platform guiding their collaboration."

About Praxonomy

Praxonomy is a simple, affordable and secure board portal solution that enables more efficient meeting administration, real-time board papers distribution, better records management and more secure collaboration. Praxonomy empowers boards and committees to make better decisions while saving time and money. The company's "Praxonomy for Nonprofits" program seeks to support boards of directors and senior leadership teams of eligible nonprofits to drive their important missions with a free Praxonomy subscription.

To find out how Praxonomy can help your organisation, schedule a product demo with our team or start your free trial today.

About Humentum

Humentum is a global membership association providing training, convening, and support for organisations working for social good by strengthening operations capacities: managing compliance and risk, juggling finances, designing programs, and helping people perform at their best. Humentum serves development, humanitarian, civil society, and other international social sector organisations with a focus on supporting operational excellence for its members.

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