Tricor Group Selects Praxonomy as Strategic Board Portal Partner

Tricor Group to offer a board portal solution powered by Praxonomy to its 50,000+ clients around the world

HONG KONG, November 19, 2019 – Tricor Group (Tricor), Asia's leading business expansion specialist providing integrated business, corporate, investor, human resources and payroll, corporate trust and debt services, has partnered with Praxonomy, a cloud-based board management software provider, to expand its solution portfolio with Praxonomy's secure digital board portal.

In today's fast-paced business environment, organisations are faced with increasingly stringent regulations and cyber threats. To ensure high standards of corporate governance and to stay compliant, company boards and leadership teams need to evolve how they work and collaborate with peers. There is a growing trend in organisations adopting digital board portals to enhance their corporate governance practices. Board portals are centralised, secure platforms specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of meetings, collaboration and decision-making for boards, committees and senior leadership teams.

Praxonomy's next-generation board portal helps simplify the administration of board and committee meetings, enable secure collaboration and instant access to up-to-date board materials for board directors and streamline permission controls and sharing of highly sensitive documents. The Praxonomy platform is developed with institutional-grade security and privacy, while its interface and features are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

"As the leading business expansion specialist, Tricor is focused on making strides in corporate governance enhancement and digitalizing our clients' enterprises," said Joe Wan, Chief Executive Officer at Tricor Services Limited. "We are thus excited to be partnering with Praxonomy as we firmly believe this partnership will extend beyond just revolutionizing our boardroom meetings, but also becoming the joint effort of transitioning Hong Kong into a tech driven and paperless economy."

"With regulatory environments rapidly changing and data breaches becoming a common occurrence, enterprises are recognising the necessity of board portals and the advantages they bring, such as ensuring governance compliance, increasing board efficiency and stronger data security," said Jay Shaw, Founder and Chairman at Praxonomy. "We are proud to be selected by Tricor as their strategic board portal partner and look forward to helping their clients around the world leverage the Praxonomy platform to modernise their boardrooms."

About Tricor Group

Tricor Group (Tricor) has a growing global presence and is Asia's leading business expansion specialist. Today, Tricor has over 50,000 clients supported by over 2,600 staff members, and offices in 47 cities across 21 countries. Our client portfolio includes over 1,200 companies listed in Hong Kong and over 500 companies listed in Singapore and Malaysia. We also represent over 40% of Fortune Global 500 companies and a significant share of multinationals and international private enterprises.


About Praxonomy

Founded in 2017, Praxonomy develops powerful, accessible and innovative software solutions for boards of directors and senior leadership teams. Praxonomy's flagship product, the Praxonomy board portal, provides company secretaries, executives, and board members with an easy-to-use platform to organise meetings, manage files and records, collaborate on decisions, and stay up-to-date with board matters. Through efficient meeting administration, real-time board papers distribution, better records management and secure collaboration, Praxonomy empowers boards to make better decisions while saving time and money. Praxonomy is ISO27001 certified for its information security management, and ISO9001 certified for its quality management system.

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