Praxonomy's Board Portal Highlighted As Competitive Player By Quinlan & Associates

Case Study in Thought Leadership Report identifies Praxonomy's advantages over the leading industry incumbent in the board portal space

HONG KONG, October 29, 2019 – Praxonomy, a trusted provider of board meeting software, has been cited as a noteworthy player in Quinlan & Associates' thought leadership publication on the digitalisation of board processes and the emerging board portal market. The insight paper entitled, "Get On Board," highlights the ability of Praxonomy's board portal to effectively compete against the leading industry incumbent in the areas of user-intuitiveness, affordability, and security.

The research report states that board portals will eventually become "mainstream collaboration and workflow solution tools for boards worldwide" with "global spend to surge from USD 1.1 billion in 2018 to USD 10.9 billion in 2024."

Praxonomy positions its board portal solution as "simple, affordable, and secure." Quinlan & Associates notes in its case study that veering away from the product philosophy of being "all things to all people" allows Praxonomy to directly address the pain points of boards and compete head-on with the largest player in the market.

"Praxonomy's board portal is considerably cheaper...and simpler to use. Being ISO 27001-certified, we also found Praxonomy cybersecurity and data privacy protocols to be on par with industry best-practice….We see its ease-to-use and clean interface as a key competitive advantage," the paper states.

"Praxonomy's ability to compete and thrive in today's board portal ecosystem is a testament to the effectiveness of our product strategy and the value we place on client and market feedback," said Jay Shaw, Praxonomy Founder and Chairman. "We are proud to be recognised for our competitiveness, and will continue to provide an effective, efficient, and compliant solution that doesn't distract from delivering the essentials which improve and enhance the user experience."

In addition to the recognition as a key player in the board portal market, Praxonomy has also been named a "Hot Vendor in Board Meeting Platforms, 2019" by Aragon Research this month. Vendors selected in this research paper are acknowledged for being noteworthy, visionary, and innovative.

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About Praxonomy

Founded in 2017, Praxonomy develops powerful, accessible and innovative software solutions for boards of directors and senior leadership teams. Praxonomy's flagship product, the Praxonomy board portal, provides company secretaries, executives, and board members with an easy-to-use platform to organise meetings, manage files and records, collaborate on decisions, and stay up-to-date with board matters. Through efficient meeting administration, real-time board papers distribution, better records management and secure collaboration, Praxonomy empowers boards to make better decisions while saving time and money. Praxonomy is ISO27001 certified for its information security management, and ISO9001 certified for its quality management system. For more information, visit

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