A New Era: The Praxonomy Board Portal is now Boardlogic

  • Praxonomy
  • Published: March 22, 2021
  • Updated: August 19, 2021
A New Era: The Praxonomy Board Portal is now Boardlogic

Today, we usher in a new era for Praxonomy.

We launched the Praxonomy Board Portal in 2019 with the goal of providing organisations with a board meeting management software that is practical, affordable and secure. This principle has been a catalyst for our growth. 

In two short years, our board portal application has become an effective, impactful and viable solution for boards of all types and sizes, around the world. 

We’ve evolved. And we believe the time is right to reflect this new chapter of growth.

So, we’re excited to announce that our flagship product, the Praxonomy Board Portal, will now be called Boardlogic

Our product logo and colours may be new, but our commitment to our clients’ success is not. Behind the scenes, you will continue to be able to rely on a great team that listens to client feedback and harnesses those insights to give you a product that meets your needs.

To that point, we’re thrilled to let you know that the iPhone and iPad apps for Boardlogic are available on the App Store today. They will provide a seamless, elevated and more convenient board meeting experience for directors and executives.  

Reintroducing our board management application as Boardlogic is a momentous occasion for the company. But as we take stock of all that we’ve accomplished in the past few years, we also set our sights on the future. 

We look forward to keep delivering a board meeting solution that not only supports the day-to-day activities of the board but that also enhances and helps transform the way board members lead.